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Do you know what volunteers seek in Peterborough? These examples may clarify it for anyone looking to recruit new helpers.

Imagine reading this listing: Needed – Board members. 10 meetings a year. Seeking a dedicated person with financial acumen, open to acting as our treasurer.

Now, compare it to this sales pitch: We invite dynamic leaders to help shape the future of our organization. Fire up one of our committees or fundraisers with your ideas. We meet the second Tuesday of each month for 90 minutes of passionate and focused discussion. We’d love to meet you.

So many times, volunteer managers and board chairs tell us that they struggle to find the right people. Yet, they undersell what they do. Further, they miss the opportunity to tell prospective volunteers why they should join and how they can help.

Let’s reset that problem right now by talking about what volunteers seek in Peterborough.

Your Mission = Their Passion for Volunteering

First, don’t hold back about what drives your organization. You don’t meet just for the sake of meeting. You set the course to engage more people in your cause. 

You provide space for the arts.

You help connect people with future pets.
You brighten the days of lonely seniors.

In short, you solve problems. Identify that core emotional piece and you’ll find people more likely to tune in to your recruitment message.

The first question we ask when people sign up: “What causes interest you?” That puts people on your radar; now, you need to take the next step and reel them in. 

What volunteers seek in Peterborough - respect for their time

What Volunteers Seek in Peterborough – Respect for Their Time

Next, we ask organizations to clearly outline the days and times for volunteers’ shifts. This helps people see if you suit their schedule and tells them more about what you expect.

Based on feedback from our focus groups, we discovered what volunteers seek in Peterborough:

  • How often you need them: Daily, weekly, once a month or at an annual event
  • How long do the shifts run: Pick from a menu of hourly ranges
  • How long does this opportunity last: A one-time event, six months on a project or three years on a board

Surprisingly, many volunteer managers leave this information open-ended, thinking people will give whatever time they have. Yet, if volunteers see it clearly listed, they feel better equipped to offer to help. After all, they don’t want to sign up then not be able to follow through.

On the other hand, some may have travel plans or wish to start small, then do more after they retire. You never know what they have on their calendars, so make it easy to show them how they can fit you in.

What Volunteers Seek in Peterborough – Details About Skills 

When a volunteer shops around for opportunities, they may not know the scope of skills needed within your organization. Perhaps they can work wonders with tools or have mastered balloon animals. Add this information to your listings so they can find you in the dozens of listings on our website.

You may wonder why we ask you to post separate details for each role. Hopefully, this explains that need for details.

For example, you may need a great set of customer service skills at your volunteer reception desk. But your event crew needs to know to put tents together while your board’s treasurer can read financial statements like a pro. Why mash these things together in one master list?

Volunteers told us they want to quickly sort through the list of roles available by saying what they offer. Let’s make it effortless to find what volunteers seek in Peterborough.

Clarity on One-Time Events 

If you have run events for years, you know what you need. But not everyone else can read your mind. Therefore, break it down so new volunteers get your vision of the day.

We recently had a great set of listings for Peterborough VegFest where the organizer described every job’s tasks, shifts and impact. Inspired, we also ask you to post the payoff for the volunteer and the organization. 

Take a moment to outline the goals for the day, the specific skills needed and the qualifications. Perhaps the volunteer has what you need or maybe they will bring along a friend or family member who does. When you deliver what volunteers seek in Peterborough, they spread their enthusiasm.

Communicating the difference people will make creates a spark that gets the attention of more volunteers. And that works out extremely well for you.

What Volunteers Seek in Peterborough – Screening Requirements

Some people will jump through every hoop you ask before signing up to volunteer. Meanwhile, others just want to get started. Therefore, don’t keep any secrets about what people need to help out.

For instance, it can take hours, days or weeks to get a police check during times of backlogs. People who have waited for long times before may need reassurance to go through this process again. Also, explain the need for a vulnerable sector check – in case they end up working with children, seniors or money.

In cases where certain immunizations are required, put those details out in the open right away. This can save time and hassles in the event that a prospective volunteer cannot get a shot or has an allergy. Instead, offer roles when they can help out while unvaccinated, if possible.

Finally, honestly share the number of hours they need to train before they begin. Many organizations need volunteers to brush up on policies to become part of their teams. Naturally, others, like help lines, want people to walk in fully prepared for high-risk situations.

Explaining why they must go through these steps helps demystify it. And it could make the difference between someone choosing you or another organization.

Stay in Touch so Volunteers Don’t Slip Away

So, you’ve found a great volunteer who seems keen to start. But, they’ve gone silent. What shall you do?

Frankly, some volunteers need to get regular updates to come in or to take on certain tasks. While you’ll discover some self-starters, don’t give up on individuals who require a little more work. Once they get used to a new routine, you will likely feel grateful that the initial work pays off.

In summary, different types of volunteers respond to job postings in their own ways. By making a volunteer role more enticing, with lots of details and motivation, your success rate will go up. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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