Excel as an Animal Shelter Volunteer in Peterborough

Animal shelter volunteer at Peterborough Humane Society

If you ask people about their interests, most of them will talk about their pets or love of animals. So, when they seek opportunities to volunteer, they seek roles that put them in contact with furry friends.

Often, prospective volunteers jump at chances to become an animal shelter volunteer in Peterborough. However, many groups offer the ability to work with animals. Each one provides opportunities to spend time with dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, reptiles and other creatures.

In some cases, you can help out as an animal shelter volunteer. Meanwhile, you can also support causes by helping out in other settings. Here are nine examples of ways you can volunteer with animals in Peterborough.

Peterborough Humane Society

Due to the hubbub around its recent move to a state-of-the-art facility, the Peterborough Humane Society jumps to mind right away. Due to the scope of its operations, it welcomes animal shelter volunteers of all types.

For example, you can walk, exercise and socialize dogs; play with cats; or work in the bunny room. If you like things clean and tidy, you can also help with the endless loads of laundry or sort the toys used by the resident animals. Outside, you can help create trails or water the vegetation.

If you seek a greater challenge, you can join the board or help out with its fundraising. For a full rundown of volunteer opportunities at this Peterborough animal shelter, contact its Volunteer Coordinator today.

Lakefield Animal Welfare Society

Just north of Peterborough, another modern animal shelter invites volunteers to support its work as well. LAWS operates a no-kill shelter and works hard to find homes for even the most difficult-to-place animals. Its leaders believe that spay and neuter is the only humane way to control overpopulation. LAWS runs strictly on donations, memberships and adoption fees.

LAWS needs animal shelter volunteers to walk dogs, clean kennels, feed animals and maintain its grounds. You can also serve on its building or fundraising committees. To get started, fill out its volunteer form.

Animal Rescue Krew

For a more grassroots organization, you can help out at the Animal Rescue Krew just south of Lakefield. This hands-on organization cares primarily for cats but does not operate a shelter.

All cats and kittens stay in volunteer foster homes until they are ready for adoption. During this time, animals are socialized, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. Each year ARK finds homes for more than1,000 cats and kittens.

If you want to get involved, contact ARK via its Facebook page.

Animal shelter volunteer plays with kitten at Peterborough Humane Society

Elder Dog Peterborough

As dog owners get older, they may not have the mobility to walk their dogs or take them to vet or grooming appointments. That is where Elder Dog Canada comes in.

The Peterborough-area chapter matches dog owners with people who can drop by for a daily walk. If possible, they can also pick up dog food at the store or take the dog to its appointments.

Elder Dog doesn’t run an animal shelter in Peterborough, but it offers a foster program. This kicks into action when a senior goes into a hospital for surgery then convalescence. To find out more, contact Elder Dog’s coordinator in Peterborough.

Operation Catnip

This organization aims to address the root problem behind stray cats: population control. Its members gather feral cats and sterilize them to curtail the number of litters they produce. No experience is necessary and all training will be provided.

The group needs help with trapping the cats, then caring for them as they recover from individual sterilization surgeries. Find out more at Operation Catnip’s website.

Indian River Reptile Museum

For fans of snakes and crocodiles, the Indian River Reptile Museum offers a chance to support the care for these types of animals. It operates a non-for-profit reptile sanctuary for abandoned reptiles between Peterborough and Keene.

The museum operates as Canada’s only zoological reptile facility and the only accredited, registered not-for-profit institution of its kind in North America. It relies on financial support arising from Canada’s Dinosaur Park. This outdoor trail features life-sized dinosaur statues – some which move! – to the delight of dinosaur fans.

You can help by volunteering at some of the park’s event. Find out more at the museum’s contact us page.

PARD therapeutic riding

If you want to stay active, PARD therapeutic riding can fill this gap. Its volunteers help riders with disabilities as they develop skills like balance and confidence on horseback.

Volunteers are needed for a few hours a week and experience with horses is not necessary. Assisted lessons run for 30 minutes in the evening with 1 to 4 riders in each lesson. Each rider requires 1 to 5 volunteers to safely assist them during their ride. Sign up or get more details about volunteering at PARD.

Turtle Conservation Centre

This area is rich in various types of turtles, leading to the development of a sanctuary where they can recover from injuries. The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre operates a turtle hospital that treats, rehabilitates and releases injured turtles. It also runs a comprehensive education and outreach program to increase awareness of the challenges facing Ontario’s turtles and to inspire individuals to act to help.

It offers six types of animal shelter volunteer roles:

  • Turtle Taxi Volunteers drive injured turtles to the Centre when the person who found the injured turtle cannot do so.  
  • Turtle Care animal shelter volunteers help with the ongoing care (feeding/cleaning) of the injured turtles during at least one 3.5-hour shift per week.
  • Feeders ensure that each turtle gets an appropriate balanced diet from earth worms, small fish, pellets and leafy greens
  • Cleaners drain, scrub and refill turtle tanks.
  • Fundraising volunteers assist with fund-raising projects
  • Education and Outreach volunteers spread awareness and knowledge about Ontario’s turtle species and the habitats in which they live.

East Central Therapy Dogs

Perhaps you want to team up with your own pet to spread a little joy throughout the community. Several facilities welcome dog owners in for visits with seniors or children. So, the East Central Therapy Dogs matches up volunteers with spots to take Spot.

First, the dog must pass a test to make sure it behaves well when faced with wheelchairs, unexpected noises and strangers. All dogs must be calm and confident in a crowded, institutional setting. Next, you will be assigned a regular shift at a seniors’ home or other facility near you. Contact East Central Therapy Dogs to sign up for its next evaluation.

Animal shelter volunteer in Peterborough

Alternatively, you can seek out a location that you know has invited pets into the building in the past. For example, Fairhaven Home has Ginny the Corgi-mix in to see its residents each week.

In short, you have many options whether you step up as an animal shelter volunteer in Peterborough or another venue. By caring for animals, you also support their owners or future owners, while protecting species in various way.

For animal shelter volunteer opportunities, check our listings as new groups and opportunities get posted every week. And thank you for even considering volunteering at an animal shelter in Peterborough.

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