Volunteers add more value to a non-profit than you would imagine!

Volunteers for infinity

Do you wonder what volunteering will bring to your organization? Let me break it to you that volunteers are equally essential as employees to any organization in the non-profit sector.

The benefits of their contributions are already well-known by most organizations. Let’s explore what volunteers bring to the company and the reasons that funding volunteer programs is a wise strategic investment that can pay off handsomely.

The Tangible Worth of Volunteers

According to Volunteer Canada, “The estimated worth of a volunteer’s time is $32 per hour.” This number isn’t arbitrary. It considers all the direct cost for the time volunteers invest and the skill set they bring along with their time.

Organizations have greater capacity when volunteers pick up duties that would have required paid employees to carry them out. Beyond financial conditions, there are so many other valuable ways that the volunteers help an organization.

Increasing Community Involvement and Positive PR

It is completely alright to say that volunteers are the brand ambassadors of organizations. After all, they represent the company with their passion and commitment frequently, which results in positive word-of-mouth, generating favourable publicity in their circles of influence.

Building a positive reputation in the community will help attract greater partnerships, donations and, in fact, more helpers creating a loop of support and involvement.

Donors Among Participants

The less-known fact about volunteer programs is their unique ability to turn participants into donors. Most of the time, volunteers tend to be a part of such programs which have common interests and goals with the organization.

Studies suggest that volunteers become the prime donors to the organization they support more likely than the other individuals. Thus, organizations can increase their donor base by encouraging volunteerism.

Innovation and Problem-Solving

Volunteers from diverse backgrounds and views bring different opinions, views and solutions from various perspectives. They help find creative solutions to problems and issues, enhancing organizational procedures. Encouraging open communication could spark ideas beyond what the present team might consider.

Growing the Network

Interestingly, volunteers spread the word about the organization naturally without overthinking it. Often, they enlist friends and family to assist them in their roles, thereby growing the network of supporters of the organization.

This not only helps in growing helping hands, but also expands the organization’s message to the audience and the organization’s potential influence and pool of resources.

Improving Proficiency and Professional Growth

Volunteers usually participate to acquire experience in a certain skill or learn a new skill altogether. This is advantageous for both parties.

Organizations can provide opportunities for training and development, which helps
people advance both personally and professionally while also enhancing the calibre of voluntary work. This will increase the retention rates and strengthen the organization’s objective.

Creating a Sense of Community

When all the volunteers, employees and beneficiaries share common goals and beliefs, this sense
of community is especially potent. In turn, this brings a feeling of acceptance and direction in the
team without them being treated as temporary workers.

Creating transparency and keeping helpers motivated will ultimately increase the organization’s
overall effectiveness as volunteers feel a sense of belonging in the community.

Increasing Organizational Capacity

It is undeniable that organizations can do significantly more by engaging volunteers. They can carry out a range of jobs, from secretarial work to providing specialized services.

This helps companies to free up paid employees to concentrate on more specialized projects. This approach helps the organization plan their finances better and invest in vital resources and projects.

Encouraging Prolonged Involvement

Keeping volunteers engaged provides perks and benefits, which helps them stay motivated and involved with the organization for a longer period. Long-term association with these valued allies becomes a tremendous asset during normal operations.

Most importantly, during emergency situations they have awareness about the needs and culture
of the organization due to the longer involvement in different projects of the organization.

Volunteers’ contributions to organizations go well beyond the jobs they do directly. They are
invaluable resources that do everything from generate innovation, widen networks, and improve
skills to add substantial economic value and boost positive public relations.

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By fostering long-term success, you will ensure they leave a lasting impression.

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