Volunteer Match-Making Event Connected 500 New Helpers to Great Causes

Lindy from 4th Line at volunteer match-making event

When we started our online volunteer match-making portal, we knew in-person events would soon follow. On both fronts, the community has blown us away with individuals’ capacity to give time to organizations.

On Wednesday, May 8, we hosted our inaugural Meet Your Match Volunteer Fair. During the afternoon, close to 500 people streamed through the doors to talk to 40 different groups seeking volunteers.

This level of participation and enthusiasm surpassed our wildest expectations. To hear the relief and gratitude in the voices of the people working the booths was magical. Many people left the YMCA with handfuls of brochures and plans to start volunteering in new ways. Talk about a buzz in the room!

Photo by Cliff Skarskedt of the Peterborough Examiner

For example, Fleming College’s Simulation Centre showed how they use dummies to train nursing students. However, human volunteers provide a more realistic experience and better learning. We also had booths from the YMCA, which hosted us as a partner.

This event would not have been possible without a generous grant from the Peterborough Foundation. We also had a wonderful sponsorship from Harco Enterprises and food sponsored by LLF Law Firm.

Some of our volunteer match-making statistics:

Here are some astounding numbers from Meet Your Match:

  • 65 volunteers signed up with Musicfest alone
  • 14 people signed up to attend the Kiwanis Club’s next recruitment meeting
  • The Peterborough Symphony Orchestra filled all the jobs on its wish list.
  • The Turtle Trauma Centre left with three pages of names.

We also overheard at least three volunteers offering to serve on certain groups’ boards of directors. These highly coveted leadership volunteers add a new level of commitment, especially for organizations seeking renewal.

You can learn more about the day via this radio interview on PtboToday.

This successful day really sets us up to grow and help our community become more resilient. It really was a life-changing event for so many people.

Many of them had yet to discover our volunteer match-making service. At this point, we already have more than 1,000 volunteers and 120 organizations on VolunteerPeterborough.ca.

From here, we will continue to expand to reach more ears and encourage more volunteer match-making.

What’s next for Meet Your Match?

Many volunteers have already asked when we will host another event like this one. Obviously, next year this one will be bigger and better.

On Sept. 18, we will participate in Trent University’s Volunteer Fair once again. This great event brings many groups to the campus so students can connect with causes. Members of the public can attend as well.

We are also hoping to find funding to host events like this in Peterborough County to assist smaller charities and rural residents. We have asked funders and sponsors to make this volunteer match-making dream a reality. If you wish to help us with this mission, we would gratefully receive your support.

After all, Volunteer Peterborough doesn’t just help non-profits in the City of Peterborough, but all across the region. Half of our board members live in the County and volunteer their time close to home as well.

Watch for more volunteer match-making stories

We love hearing from volunteers and organizations about how volunteer match-making enriches their lives. That’s why we’re continually cheering them on via our social media posts.

At Meet Your Match, we also gathered hours of interviews about the need for volunteers and how much they add to organizations. These messages will be turned into public service announcements to air on YourTV and our social media channels.

If you went through an interview, stay tuned to see how it turned out. And we look forward to seeing you next time!

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