Traits that Shape a Great Volunteer in Peterborough

Engaged volunteer in Peterborough

While you may dream of recruiting or becoming the perfect volunteer, it takes work from both sides to make a good match. Each person shows up with their own skills and experience. How an agency or team brings them aboard affects how they work out as a volunteer in Peterborough.

By cultivating that relationship and individual skillsets, you can end up with a great volunteer in Peterborough. These traits reflect what separates the everyday volunteer in Peterborough from the all-star. Ideally, coaching can take them to that next level.

Committed to the cause

Most volunteers choose where they donate their time and skills based on an interest in an organization’s work. They may want to help seniors, new Canadians or future soccer stars – whatever the case may be.

As a volunteer, you will have more success if you volunteer for something you truly care about. Therefore, don’t always go with what your friends do or which location sits closest to home. 

When you find the right reason to help, it makes it far easier to stick with it. Many volunteer programs ask for a certain amount of hours so you’ll remain motivated if you believe in your work.

As a volunteer manager, make sure your team understands why their commitment matters. Reinforce the value they bring to others’ lives and share statistics that reflect their impact. Once they see that payout, they will come back to try to repeat that result.

Aligned volunteer skills with tasks

Awesome volunteers want their time to count so make sure they get as much as they can from the experience as possible. If someone loves to garden and you have them cleaning indoors, they won’t love what they do. As a result, you will lose them.

Naturally, volunteers bring a wide range of talents to the table. When you find a creative dynamo that loves fundraising, assign them to work with donors. If they want to quietly take on a vital but mundane task, give them a space to do just that.

Overall, tap into their raw energy or seasoned skills for volunteering. Volunteers perform best when they honestly share their expectations and an organization matches them. This also applies to scheduling so fill the time they offer you – without going overboard. 

Reliable volunteers rock

Just like employees, volunteers who show up and focus on their work are worth their weight in gold. Even if they don’t get paid, they need to take the job seriously.

Many volunteer projects rely on a specific time frame, such as helping at an event or getting a task done. You need to meet deadlines and shift to new tasks as needed. 

If a volunteer struggles, take time for a candid conversation. Perhaps something has gone amiss at home or they’ve lost their groove. Getting them back on track pays off with everyone working more happily.

Advocating for your volunteer cause

Amazing volunteers never turn off their passion. They always spread their enthusiasm at the site then afterward with their friends and family. Subsequently, they win over people as they recruit new donors or volunteers. 

How can they funnel that energy to help beyond their usual reach? Feature them in newsletters or take them out to speaking engagements. Encourage them to point out your organization’s good work on their social media channels.

Every stellar volunteer in Peterborough has a chance to become a strong ambassador. Give them the information and access they need to really shine.

Focused on results and solutions

No one wins when Eeyores get together to talk about their problems – unless they focus on finding a solution. The best volunteers in Peterborough thrive when they brainstorm and come up with a fresh approach.

Together, they motivate each other and build a momentum to reach the ultimate goal. That energy drives them forward as they try to top last year’s result or get a client past a certain hurdle. 

In this case, do whatever you can to keep them productive. If they need a specific tool or staff time, commit to connect those dots. By effectively delegating work, your team gets the resources needed to really make magic happen.

These problem solvers will hack, tinker and persist until they find a way forward. Don’t get in their way!

Communication and teamwork

When a team clicks, amazing things unfold. But first, you have to get all the players on the same page.

By sharing volunteer schedules, project plans and other important information, you equip everyone equally. Consequently, no one gets held back from offering their best. 

Written and verbal communication unites volunteers and the people who work with them. Now, you can collaborate and cooperate as a group. Make an effort to get to know each volunteer and learn why they support the same cause. Further, ask how they like to receive information so you all learn in your natural ways. 

Over time, these small conversations yield big payoffs. Soon, you’ll work alongside one another effortlessly and with greater joy as a volunteer in Peterborough.

Willing to donate more than their time

Most non-profits run on lean budgets and count on the kindness of donors to carry on their good work. So, if people step up to donate their time, they may soon see the value in contributing financially as well.

On the job, this can begin by offering to pay for supplies to save the charity or team a few dollars. Next, they buy a ticket to a fundraiser and invite their friends to do the same. Now, those small contributions add up.

Never take these acts for granted. Instead, always thank volunteers for every deed that helps out – either by manpower or donation. This way, you create an ecosystem where giving becomes normal

This desire to make a difference can inspire a volunteer in Peterborough to remind you when setting up their will. You can also stay top of mind when they run a fundraiser at their office. 

Regardless, by keeping these individuals engaged and feeling valued, you build something incredible. Volunteers in Peterborough have so much to give! When they get the support they need, they become truly unstoppable.

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