Posted: February 20, 2024
Last Updated: February 26, 2024

Interpreter Volunteer

The Interpretation Volunteer supports Lang Pioneer Village Museum (LPVM) by learning and interpreting early 19th-Century rural Ontario lifestyles to visitors. Costumed interpreters bring the village to life for visitors by enacting daily living within the village and demonstrating historic trades or crafts. Onboarding is between January and May and the opportunity is available end of May to Dec.
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Opportunity Start Date:
June 1, 2024
Opportunity End Date:
Typical Session Frequency
This Opportunity typically takes place Monthly.
Typical Session Duration
Each session typically takes Full day.
Total Opportunity Duration
The expected total duration is 3-6 Months.
Est. Total Hours
Application Process

Application: Interested applicants must complete a Lang Pioneer Village Museum Application form (available from Lang Pioneer Village Museum or online at

Interview: Please note that volunteer opportunities are subject to museum needs which vary from time to time.  You will be contacted to discuss the fit with your application and our current volunteer needs.  If there is a good fit, then an interview will be scheduled with the Volunteer Coordinator and the Supervisor of the volunteer position that you are interested in. You will be informed within two weeks of your interview if we are able to offer you a placement within the Volunteer Program at Lang and if the onboarding process can continue

Police Records Check: Lang Pioneer Village Museum is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for everyone involved in our organization.  We adhere to standards of protection for all visitors, volunteers, and staff members. Screening staff and volunteers are an important part of this commitment and a Police Record Check Vulnerable Sector Checks (PRC -VSC) or Judicial Matters Checks (JMC) are part of the screening process.

If a volunteer position is offered to you, you will first need to obtain the PRC -VSC or a JMC prior to beginning your placement.  Lang Pioneer Village Museum provides you with the required form for the PRC -VSC or JMC to get one done. Placement in the position will begin upon the confirmation of a satisfactory PRC -VSC or JMC. If there is a cost associated with this Lang will reimburse those who submit a receipt.

Onboarding Policies/Training/Orientation: As a volunteer at Lang Pioneer Village Museum you will receive support and training related to your position in the Museum. County of Peterborough policies and learning modules can be completed on a computer or in person and must also be completed before you start. As part of your on-site orientation, you will receive information on the history, mission and structure of the museum. In addition, you will receive training related specifically to your assignment(s) including Health and Safety procedures and standards related to your position.

Training and Health & Safety Policies are a part of your commitment.

All Staff and Volunteers are required to keep up to date with County of Peterborough Policy Updates.

Point of Contact
Ruth O'Connell
Special Event / Volunteer Coordinator
Application Requirements
Other Required Documents
Preferred Qualifications
Specific Tasks / Responsibilities
Goals & Objectives

To help bring the Village to life with costumed interpreters sharing our history. Interpreters may specialize in the history and activities of a particular building, trade or craft and in this way bring an expertise to the work that they do within the village. Volunteers interpret during regular days in the village, at special events, and for school tours.

–                Share your passion for Canadian history while wearing historic attire

–                Teach visitors an historic trade or craft

–                Learn and experience local Canadian history

–                Care for and interpret a historic building

–                Run a craft/activity at a Special Event

–                Tend a heritage garden and discover heirloom seeds

–                The opportunities are endless!

Community Impact

–                 Contribute to your community by helping to keep local history alive.

Volunteer Outcomes

–                Become a part of an amazing community of people and future friends

–                Share your passion, skill and experience in a particular trade or craft with the public

–                Gain experience working with the public in a museum setting

–                Earn hours towards your requirement for high school volunteering

–                Get free admission to Lang Pioneer Village Museum (special events included)

–                Get 20% off in our gift shop

–                Receive discounts to other attractions in Ontario by submitting your hours

–                And come “Live it up” at one of Ontario’s Top Living History sites

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