Posted: September 10, 2023
Last Updated: December 12, 2023

Fundraising Volunteer

Join the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra’s Fundraising Team to help support arts and culture in Peterborough! No experience is necessary. Training will be provided. Hours are completely flexible, whether you have one or 10 hours your help is greatly appreciated!
Peterborough Symphony Orchestra volunteers
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Typical Session Frequency
This Opportunity typically takes place Bi-weekly.
Typical Session Duration
Each session typically takes Less than 2 hours.
Total Opportunity Duration
The expected total duration is 2-3 Months.
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Application Process
Point of Contact
Donna Lynn Clarke
Board Vice Chair of PSO
Application Requirements
Preferred Qualifications
Specific Tasks / Responsibilities

Administrative tasks – keep track of who you’ve talked to, who is interested.

Relationship building – networking at concerts and places of work.

Goals & Objectives

To increase the profile of the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra  in the community.

Community Impact

Volunteering with the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra provides support to the arts and culture community, improves community spirit and fosters economic development in the downtown area.

Volunteer Outcomes

Volunteers will be able to learn new skills in fundraising, communication, writing and public speaking, which can lead to career opportunities and/or support for other not-for-profit organizations.

Preferred Qualifications
Specific Tasks / Responsibilities

Administrative tasks – keep track of who you’ve talked to, who is interested.

Relationship building – networking at concerts and places of work.

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Peterborough Symphony Orchestra volunteers
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Peterborough Symphony Orchestra volunteers
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