More Bingo Volunteers like Susan Mean More Kids Go to Camp

Janice and Susan at Delta Bingo - Kawartha-Haliburton Children's Foundation
Susan Douglas
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Delta Bingo and the Kawartha- Haliburton Children’s Foundation have partnered up to support an amazing cause. Susan Douglas, the office manager of the Children’s Foundation, seeks volunteers to donate 2.5 hours once or twice a month to help out at Delta Bingo in Peterborough. The funds raised helps gather income for the Children’s Foundation to send kids to summer camp.

Impact on the Volunteer Manager

As part of her role, Susan is in charge of organizing and training volunteers to carry out this mission. At times, she found it challenging to find volunteers to support this program every month.

“I didn’t know where to look for volunteers as the previous local volunteer centre no longer existed,” she says. “Finding volunteers became a tough task.”

She “was truly excited to hear Peterborough Volunteer was being initiated as its one-stop shop that makes it so much easier for volunteers to find the right fit and for non-profit organizations like ours to list their opportunities.”

Impact on the Volunteer

Meanwhile, Janice was recently retired and I was looking for volunteer opportunities that “would make a real, positive impact on people living in the community.” She stumbled upon Volunteer Peterborough’s online portal and found an opportunity to support Kawartha-Haliburton Children’s Foundation.

“I was immediately interested as I learned that volunteer time turns into financial donations for the foundation that directly supports vulnerable infants, children and their families,” she says. “I started with assisting with donations for Santa’s Sleigh during the holiday season and help out at one bingo per month.”

She also helps out in the office. Janice works alongside Susan, helping her carry out any task that needs to be address in order to carry out a successful program for the kids.

Impact on the Cause

The Foundation’s Summer Camp Program has been supporting children and youth that are involved with the Kawartha Haliburton Children’s Aid for many years now. The funding gathered from bingo enables children to attend two weeks of day camp or one week of overnight camp every summer.

In 2023, 146 children took part in this program and enjoy the benefits and rewards of camp during the summer. Susan working alongside her office team hopes to be able to increase the number of participants this year to 200.

What's next?

The Children’s Foundation will continue working alongside Volunteer Peterborough to list volunteer opportunities as they arise and bring another non-profit charity and volunteers together.

At Volunteer Peterborough, we look forward to continue supporting the Kawartha-Halliburton Children’s Foundation by linking volunteers for its Delta Bingo events and any other event we can help.

Janice and Susan at Delta Bingo - Kawartha-Haliburton Children's Foundation
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