Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Volunteer Peterborough is a platform dedicated to connecting passionate individuals with meaningful volunteer opportunities within the Peterborough region. We aim to bridge the gap between nonprofit organizations in need of assistance and community members eager to contribute their time and talents.

Volunteer Peterborough was born out of a vision to strengthen the Peterborough community by facilitating volunteerism. Recognizing the potential of harnessing local talent for social good, a group of dedicated individuals and partnering organizations came together to create this platform.

Anyone interested in volunteering within the Peterborough region can use our platform! We also welcome nonprofit organizations based in Peterborough looking to find enthusiastic volunteers.

Volunteer Peterborough is specifically tailored to the needs and opportunities within the Peterborough community. Our deep connections with local organizations and a thorough understanding of regional needs make us uniquely positioned to offer relevant and impactful volunteer matches.

No, Volunteer Peterborough is free for volunteers to use.

There may be minimal fees introduced for organizations to post opportunities, which help maintain the platform and ensure its continued availability.

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Absolutely! We welcome volunteers from all over, especially those who have a connection or interest in supporting the Peterborough community. However, do check the specifics of the volunteer opportunity as some may require local presence.