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Peterborough Musicfest director

Of all the roles that non-profits need to fill, strong leaders for their boards of directors top the list of the hardest ones to find. After all, a diverse and dynamic board sets the pace for a whole organization as they make strategic decisions.

However, many volunteers want to take on jobs that are short-term or carry less responsibility. Some of them also don’t want to commit to a role that requires them to attend meetings.

We get it. And that’s why we’re trying to develop a new generation of leaders.

Creating a new pool of volunteers

Right from its start in 2023, Volunteer Peterborough has committed to helping non-profit groups grow their pools of talent – from the people who help at events right up to the chair of the board. Naturally, some people will begin with ‘worker bee’ tasks and work their way up to committees and boards. Meanwhile, others who have had enough of meetings want to dial back on their commitment.

So far, we’ve had some great successes. This message from Peterborough Musicfest highlights General Manager Tracey Randall’s experience while recruiting four new board members:

“We cannot express enough how invaluable listing with Volunteer Peterborough has been for our organization in our search for dedicated individuals to join our Board of Directors. The team at Volunteer Peterborough provided us with a seamless and efficient way to connect with potential candidates who were not only passionate about our event but also possessed the skills and expertise we were seeking.

Through Volunteer Peterborough, we were able to reach a diverse pool of qualified individuals who were eager to contribute their time and talents to our organization. The user-friendly website made the listing process straightforward, and we were impressed by the responsiveness and enthusiasm of the candidates who came forward.

Thanks to Volunteer Peterborough, our search for exceptional Board members was not only successful but also streamlined. The team at Volunteer Peterborough played a pivotal role in connecting us with individuals who shared our vision and were committed to making a positive impact in our community. We are truly grateful for the support and resources provided by them, and we highly recommend Volunteer Peterborough to any organization in search of dedicated volunteers and board members.”

We look forward to doing the same in our search for festival volunteers down at the park this summer.”

Now, it’s your turn!

How can you replicate this success story? First, sign up your organization. Once we confirm that you’re a non-profit operating in the Peterborough region, you can post roles that you wish to fill. These can range from weekly helpers to annual events.

In each case, we find that the level of detail provided about a ‘job’ makes all the difference. In the case of Musicfest, Tracey and her team described exactly what they expect board members to do. This included tasks, number of meetings, the length of the term and the skills required.

They also outlined what the volunteer would get out of the experience. Remember, the value in these partnerships flows both ways so entice people in by detailing the benefits they will get. It could be concert tickets or a great learning experience.

Finally, share details about the community impact their work will deliver. Everyone wants to make a difference when they give their time and talents. Openly report what other volunteers have said to ‘sell’ your organization to prospective volunteers.

Adding vibrant photos of people having fun will also make your listing stand out. In any case, Volunteer Peterborough is here to help. We look forward to more success stories like Musicfest tells.

By the way, save the date of May 8 for our Meet Your Match Volunteer Fair. Watch for more details, but if you cannot wait, email We would love to have you as part of this inaugural event!

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