About Us

We're on a mission to empower Peterborough and mobilize our collective talents for good

Volunteer Peterborough was founded in 2023 with the goal of identifying and overcoming barriers to volunteerism, while also celebrating those who participate.

We are a dedicated community focused on bolstering the social fabric of our region. We bridge the gap between local individuals eager to lend their time and talent, and Peterborough organizations in need of those very skills.

Our vision is to create a caring, connected community where every person can easily find a role where they can contribute their time and talents.

Our Plan

Building a robust framework for Peterborough's volunteering ecosystem

Recruiting Volunteers

To ensure a continuous inflow of dedicated individuals, we are championing initiatives that emphasize the importance of volunteer recruitment, ensuring every organization gets the helping hands they need.


Training Programs

With our partners, we’re offering tailored training programs. A well-prepared volunteer is an asset, ensuring that their contributions align with the needs of the non-profits they serve.


Retaining Enthusiasm

Retention is as crucial as recruitment. By fostering a welcoming environment and acknowledging volunteers’ efforts, we aim to keep the spirit of voluntarism alive and vibrant.


Celebrating Achievements

Every volunteer story is a testament to selflessness and community growth. We take pride in celebrating these stories, honoring every individual who steps forward.

Our Values

Community Connection

Peterborough thrives when its people unite. We believe in the power of community connections, ensuring every person can find a role where they make a positive impact.

Inclusivity & Accessibility

Volunteering should be accessible to all. We strive to remove barriers, ensuring everyone can contribute regardless of their background, skills, or age.

Partnership & Collaboration

Alone, our reach is limited. Together with our dedicated partners, our potential is limitless. Collaboration is at the heart of our efforts, amplifying our impact across Peterborough.