8 Pluses to Inspire Student Volunteers in Peterborough

Trent Volunteer Expo for student volunteers in Peterborough

On September 13, Trent University will host its annual Volunteer Expo to engage more students in non-profit organizations. This high-energy event matches 36 organizations with hundreds of curious students, eager to share their talents and time.

Volunteering supports students to reach their career goals while making a difference locally and globally for a cause they believe in. The 2023 Volunteer Expo runs on Trent University’s Bata Podium from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  This in-person event provides students with information thanks to discussions with volunteer organizations. It runs every autumn for all students to attend. 

Trent University student volunteers in Peterborough

Meanwhile, high school students in Ontario need the educational experience 40 hours of volunteer work to graduate. Both the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and Catholic school board also maintain listings of opportunities for students to seize. At both levels, young people gain exposure to non-profit agencies and learn how much a difference they can make.

Likewise, agencies enjoy the energy that student volunteers in Peterborough bring to their tasks. These youths often share new ideas or ask questions to get organizers to consider different approaches. In the end, everyone learns from each other.

With that in mind, check out these 8 ways that students thrive when they volunteer in Peterborough:

1. Seeing the impact of volunteer work

No matter how much you describe this value, students really get a mental reset when they see what they accomplish. Hands-on learning enlightens every age group, starting with the young. When student volunteers in Peterborough do something meaningful, they remember and come back for more. In turn, this encourages them to become socially minded adults.

2. Learning in the real world

Face it, we all take in information in different ways. However, you can teach skills in math by counting money and biology by helping out in a garden. In fact, you learn more quickly in these settings since you’re more relaxed and open.

Student volunteers in Peterborough gain new skills they will need later for the job market. By working with a wider social circle, they pick up leadership, better communication, dependability, time management and decision making.

They also develop stronger social awareness and responsibility as well. By committing to a project or activity with others, students build and strengthen relationships while making new friendships.

3. Creating new contacts

A surprising 80 percent of Trent University business students get fulfilling jobs through their volunteer work placements, according to Profession Asaf Zohar. No matter their age, students make valuable connections that generate references for future jobs. Student volunteer work can demonstrate how you work with others, approach tasks, lead others and manage your time. Therefore, a candidate who has already proven they can perform becomes a much stronger job candidate.

Networking with others leads to the exchange of ideas and contact info, while building new connections. Student volunteers in Peterborough can come into contact with important individuals and professionals with a wealth of expertise. They may have similar career goals or can serve as mentors. It’s not just what you know but who you know.

4. Developing priceless skills

Volunteering students to unwittingly develop transferable skills they can apply to any position later. For instance, working with a team creates the need for interpersonal communication, delegation and problem-solving, to name a few.

Further, volunteering boosts your confidence. With greater self-esteem, you feel more ready to step out of your comfort zone. Student volunteers in Peterborough develop and use different skills that establish a real sense of achievement.

5. Reveling in their passions and interests

No matter what your age, you thrive when you spend more time in your happy place. By starting early, student volunteers in Peterborough can try out different types of volunteer work. That way, they can gauge how certain roles align with their interests, likes and dislikes. Observing professionals firsthand in your field of interest can help you determine whether this would be a field you might want to pursue further.

6. Becoming leaders

In everyday life, students find themselves in the roles of children, siblings and classmates. However, student volunteers in Peterborough can shine as leaders when acting in a different context. When they become passionate about a cause, they develop leadership skills as a natural side effect. Soon, they will unveil hidden talents, even surprising themselves with what they pick up. 

Regular volunteers, regardless of their age, become trusted with important roles. As a result, students grow their confidence even further as a valued member of a team. They learn to take initiative in a trusting and supportive setting.

7. Improving engagement and health

Students often face homesickness, loneliness and anxiety at a time when they make life-altering decisions about courses and their futures. They can balance out that stress with a positive boost to mental and physical health by volunteering. A recent study from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations found that 77 percent of volunteers had better mental health after volunteering. Comparatively, 53 percent said it improved their physical health too. This computes since so many volunteer roles involve physical activities, such as walking, tearing down events and running children’s games. 

8. Student volunteers in Peterborough have fun!

Finally, students can combat exam stress and peer pressure anxiety by getting away from their books. Student volunteers in Peterborough get away from the daily grind of classes and gain a sense of pride in their accomplishments. These opportunities reward them with priceless experiences that light them up with laughter and good will!

Now, student volunteers in Peterborough can find rewarding roles by searching through our menu of opportunities. For instance, they can help out with the Kidney Walk on Saturday, Sept. 9 or walk dogs for seniors in their neighbourhood. Keep checking for new roles for student volunteers in Peterborough as they get posted.

If you’re an agency that welcomes student volunteers in Peterborough, please help us fulfill their mandated hours. That way, they can begin their journey any time and enjoy these many benefits of volunteering.

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