5 Tips to Find Volunteer Roles in Peterborough

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You’ve probably heard friends, colleagues or neighbours talk about the fun or pride they found in their volunteer roles in Peterborough. So, how do you connect with the right group and role to make the same magic for yourself?

For generations, people sought out volunteer gigs by talking with their families members, friends and neighbours. Perhaps a group at work joined the same service club. Back then, prospective helpers had resources like the Peterborough Volunteer Bureau or the United Way. That way, they could discover agencies with suitable missions and roles that fit their skills. Since 2016, organizations have had to recruit on their own.

Until now.

With this site’s help, we can help you find a cause that speaks to your heart – and fits your schedule. To find rewarding volunteer roles in Peterborough, simply take the following steps.

Set realistic expectations

First, think about what you want to get out of this experience. Get beyond getting out of the house and becoming involved in your community. For example:

  • Do you want to be part of a team?
  • Do you want to learn new skills?
  • Would you prefer to use your best skills from your career?

Also, think about the type of volunteer roles in Peterborough you want.

  • Do you feel up to resolving a big issue with strategy?
  • Do you want a routine schedule and set of tasks?
  • Would you prefer to lead a small team or work quietly on your own?

If you decide on the scope of your volunteer role early on, you won’t feel pressured later on.

Many people get recruited to fit in where you don’t want to belong. By identifying your parameters at the start, you can walk in with a vision of your ideal placement.

Set yourself up for success

Now that you know what you want, you can more easily explain it to volunteer recruiters. This applies whether you begin your journey by matchmaking on this site or calling an agency or team directly.

For example, you may think a certain organization welcomes your skills for a project you have in mind. However, when you reach out, they may be looking for a fundraising or a mentor willing to make a long-term commitment. If that doesn’t work for you, you’re best to move on.

During volunteer screening, you’ll face a series of question about what motivates you and keeps you engage. For the best experience, always answer these questions honestly. You may be tempted to bend to try to work with the agency since you’ve committed to an interview.

Instead, hold out for the right match for you. Take time to understand the mission of each group you consider, then mentally check in for how it feels with you. Also, keep in mind parameters on your time as you seek you ideal volunteer niche in Peterborough. (previous blog post)

For best results, walk in with an attitude that you’re ready to learn and collaborate. Setting that
tone will help you succeed.

Be patient as you settle into volunteer roles in Peterborough

Like any new ‘job,’ getting your feet under you will take place a little while. After all, you could join a group that has existed for a while and has its own culture and procedures.

Due to legalities, you will likely have to take some training before you begin. This may feel cumbersome, but you may be surprised how it pays off. Some training will keep you safe from harm or accusations of overstepping with clients served. In other cases, it will lay out the landscape so you fit in sooner.

Like any other team, you will have to find your place within the human dynamics. At first, you may disagree with how things run, since you have ideas on how to improve them. Give it some time before you challenge the status quo; you may learn that by adapting your approach, you will have more success when you pitch it.

As you become part of the group, you will soon find yourself welcoming new members and helping them settle in.

Work with your circle

Perhaps you have volunteered for years and want to introduce others to the experience. By signing up for a new gig with a friend, child or grandchild, you could see things through a new lens.

This could add a new adventure for a cause you may not have considered in the past. Younger generations have a passion for environmental causes and advocacy with a slightly different view. So, why not learn from their experiences?

New volunteers also ask eye-opening questions about a group’s mission and approach. As a result, these can help you create messages that resonate with a wider group of people. Together, you can share each other’s wisdom and create a better community.

Keep growing and learning via volunteer roles in Peterborough

The more you volunteer in Peterborough, the more you discover other opportunities and could get more involved. This could happen with the group you choose or a new one where you decide to align.

If things don’t go well, don’t give up. You can still prosper as a volunteer in Peterborough. Simply learn from the experience and take those lessons forward. Perhaps you will have additional questions when you meet with the next organization’s volunteer manager.

Even better, take the skills you’ve acquired to the next level. You can apply them to a committee or board of your recent choice. Or you could step up and help another organization evolve.

As you become more experienced as a volunteer in Peterborough, you can help others find the role for them. By spreading your enthusiasm, you help create additional momentum to improve the world around you.

Enjoy the leap and the adventures you find along the way! Sign up today and get started right away.

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