12 volunteer jobs in Peterborough that might surprise you

Volunteer with YourTV Peterborough

When you think about volunteering in Peterborough, a certain stereotype may jump to mind. You may envision doing a bunch of “joe jobs,” like setting up or cleaning up for events. On the other hand, other volunteer role ask people to attend multiple meetings.

If those type of volunteer jobs in Peterborough don’t speak to you, don’t lose faith. 

After all, volunteering covers a wide range of skills and adventures. You can find the right role that makes you look forward to going out and helping others. Ideally, you want to find volunteer jobs in Peterborough that give you the best experience.

Volunteer with YourTV Peterborough

Help get the Petes on the air

Hey, Petes fans, want to join the broadcast team that puts the show out for others to see. Follow every shot and interview while operating a camera or working in the broadcast truck. 

Once you’ve mastered this role, you can also cover colourful events, such as parades, and local talk shows. The more you refine your skills, you can take on new challenges in directing or pitching shows of your own. Reach out to YourTV to find out how to get started.

Hang out with Horses

Horses have a calming influence and make for great companions. But did you know that they also challenge you to use multiple muscles when you ride them?

This combination makes them ideal partners in strengthening the core and improving your balance for people with disabilities. And that’s exactly the premise behind PARD and its volunteer jobs in Peterborough. This therapeutic riding group seeks helpers to walk beside new riders to boost their confidence.

volunteer roles in peterborough

Check in on Friendly Folks

Do you have a gift for listening to or comforting others? If so, Telecare Peterborough could use your ears. This vital organization has nice people on standby in case someone feels blue and reaches out for help.

Before you join, Telecare offers 50 hours of volunteer training that begins on Oct. 12. Not only does it equip you for these volunteer jobs in Peterborough, it helps you communicate better with those around you.

Help with Renos to Create New Homes

Is there anything more satisfying than seeing tangible results at the end of a day? With One City Peterborough, you can help convert spaces into cozy homes. Talk about rewarding!

This agency seeks people with experience drywalling, mudding and painting. Go ahead and get your hands dirty for volunteer jobs in Peterborough

Dress up as a Giant Vegetable

Whether you describe yourself as theatrical or shy, you can have a blast as the mascot for Peterborough VegFest. The local-food event seeks brave souls to dress up and walk through its event on Sept. 16.

If that’s not your jam, then you can help with security, set up or the dish pit. Organizers seek to fill a variety of roles during the one-day extravaganza and welcome students volunteers in Peterborough.

Welcome Art Patrons to the Show

Sneak into a show for free without getting into trouble. At Showplace Performance Centre, volunteers get to watch concerts and plays at no charge – during their volunteer shifts.

This downtown arts venue seeks a range of skills from ushers to bar tenders. Pick your times to suit your schedule and work with a great team of people.

CNIB Vision Mates volunteer program - volunteer roles in Peterborough

See For Someone Else

Imagine trying to navigate regular errands or organizing your home when you cannot see. You can alleviate that stress with a regular visit to a person with limited vision.

CNIB Vision Mates will match you with a person close by and with similar interests so make it easier. Add a side trip for ice cream or have a few laughs with your new friend. Soon, you’ll look forward to these insightful few hours in your week.

Sort and test tools at Habitat for Humanity

Channel your inner Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor while helping an organization that creates affordable, safe housing. Habitat’s north-end Restore hosts the region’s tool library where DIYers can sign out what they need.

Just around the corner, additional volunteers test electronic equipment to make sure it works before going on the shelf. Both these roles empower people to fix up and stay in their homes while supporting the store’s operation.

Hang Out With Your Surrogate Grandpa

Want to get out of the house for a short visit and really brighten another person’s day? Maybe you’re the missing piece from a senior’s week.

As a in-home recreation volunteer with the Alzheimer Society, you connect over a shared interest. The companionship pays off for you and the person who may remind you of a late grandparent.

Return Turtles to the Scene of the Crime

Like you, after a turtle recovers from a collision with a car, it just wants to go home. So, the Ontario Turtle Trauma makes sure they find their way back to the wetland near where they became injured.

That means that volunteer turtle taxi drivers have to step up to make the delivery. If you want a quiet passenger on a nice drive to the countryside, sign up today. They make the shifts flexible to work with your schedule.

Play with Puppies (one of the best volunteer jobs in Peterborough)

You have a few options to get your canine therapy while volunteering in Peterborough. Obviously, for animal volunteers, Peterborough has the new humane society on Technology Drive. You can socialize or walk dogs or cuddle cats or bunnies.

The Lakefield Animal Welfare Society needs helpers to keep dogs entertained while cleaning cages and burning off excess energy. Or you can connect with the Elder Dog Peterborough Pawd to walk an elderly neighbour’s dog. Doing so can help that person stay at home with their pet for longer.

Gifting Your Time as a PRHC Volunteer

Next time you’re at Peterborough Regional Health Centre, take a moment to check out its fabulous gift shop. Then you’ll meet the PRHC volunteers who keep the place running.

If you have retail experience, you can donate your talents to PRHC without getting involved with patients. Instead, help patients and visitors with their shopping and restock the shelves with memorable and heart-warming items.

As you can see, these volunteer jobs in Peterborough give you a broad range of options. You just need to reach out to sign up.

For more tips on how to volunteer in Peterborough this week, create a profile so we can match you with the right group.

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